News 3 Coffee Club

 Click the link below to enter this sweepstakes:


WRBL is bringing you the opportunity to win a free mug, just for watching our morning newscast. After clicking the link above, follow the steps to sign up for our sweepstakes. Be sure to follow our WRBL NEWS 3 Facebook for updates on the winner. Our Morning Coffee Mug Club Sweepstakes, sponsored by Battery Source, will begin each morning from April 27– May 30. Entry details below!

  1. After signing up for our sweepstakes, located on our WRBL News 3 Facebook page, a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.

  2.  Our daily winner will also be posted on our social media pages as well.

  3. We will contact the winner with further instructions on how they will be receiving their free WRBL personalized mug.