First Alert Forecast

Temperatures cool down tonight to the upper 30s, but we won’t be as cold as Wednesday morning. The afternoon will be warmer and sunny in the…

Best ways to defog car windows

Now that temperatures are cooler, you may notice the interior of your windows fogging up more often.

Struck by lightning…three times


The saying “lightning never strikes the same place twice” is common, but it’s not true. One man who has been hit three separate times just w…

Why do leaves change color?

Fall is officially here and leaves will change color soon, but have you ever wondered why? Meteorologist Carmen Rose explains in this week’s…

Where does the Harvest Moon get its name?

This year the Harvest Moon falls on October 5th instead of September like last year. It will also occur in September next year. This is beca…

Tips to preserve carved pumpkins

Now that fall weather is here – it’s the perfect time for carving pumpkins! Meteorologist Carmen Rose has some tips to keep jack-o-lanterns …

The science behind the sound


Weather affects the sounds you hear in the summer from heavy rain and rolling thunder, but it also influences the strength of sounds you hea…

When is it too hot to walk your dog?

Meteorologist Carmen Rose goes over how hot pavement can get in the summer and shows how to test if it’s too hot to walk your dog.

Morning Update

Columbus may be missing the wintry precipitation, but it is snowing not far away.