First Alert Forecast

There’s a chance we could see showers and thunderstorms before this Memorial Day is through.

Memorial Day Weather

Memorial Day weekend has been dry so far, but that could change before this day is through.

Memorial Day Weekend Outdoor Events

This weekend’s highlighted event is the Chattahoochee River Clean-Up. Kayak or raft down the Chattahoochee while picking up trash along the …

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How long does pollen last?


Meteorologist Carmen Rose has the answer to this week’s weather question.

What is a Weather Aware Day?

As part of our promise to bring you accurate and dependable forecasts that you can use to plan your day, WRBL News 3 has instituted a Weathe…

What makes a thunderstorm severe?


We’re in the middle of severe weather awareness week for Alabama, so this week’s weather question is: “What makes a thunderstorm severe?” Th…

What part of the day is the coldest?

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