First Alert Forecast

With fall on the calendar for Friday we see more of the same in the way of temperatures and humidity, with a fairly low chance of picking up…

Late Summer Doldrums

The calendar’s about to turn us into fall; the weather may take a little longer.

When is it too hot to walk your dog?

Meteorologist Carmen Rose goes over how hot pavement can get in the summer and shows how to test if it’s too hot to walk your dog.

The science behind the sound


Weather affects the sounds you hear in the summer from heavy rain and rolling thunder, but it also influences the strength of sounds you hea…

Total solar eclipse reactions & video

Check out video of the total solar eclipse in Columbia, South Carolina and reaction from those who experienced this amazing celestial event.

Plans for after the solar eclipse

Four teams from the Coca-Cola Space Science Center traveled across the nation along the path of totality Monday. The director of CCSSC was i…

Headed Back to Summer

The recent pleasantly cool temperatures are about to give way to a warming trend that will bring us back to near or above normal mid-Septemb…