Health On Your Side: Dental Implants

Dr. Robert Vazquez,  DDS, and his head surgical assistant, Shanda Horne, give information on dental implants and their business, Columbus Pe…

Health On Your Side: Influenza


We are currently in the midst of influenza and flu season, Dr. Reese believes it’s imperative for everyone to get their influenza vaccinatio…

The burden of bunions


Up to 60 percent of older adults have a foot disorder, which could limit their ability to get around.

Health On Your Side: Pediatric Sepsis

Pediatric sepsis is generally considered to comprise a spectrum of disorders that result from infection by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or para…

Health On Your Side: Breast Cancer Awareness

Health Watch

Getting a high-quality screening mammogram and having a clinical breast exam on a regular basis are the most effective ways to detect breast…

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