oregon trail

Students recreate The Oregon Trail

AUBURN, Ala.- Pick Elementary 3rd graders saddled up for an adventure. Every year, the school recreates The Oregon Trail. The students are g…

minds to music

Students open their minds to music

Students at Pick Elementary are learning the recipe to a great melody. Music teacher Caleb Doster helps open the chance for kids to express …

young men learn to become gentlemen

Young men learn to become gentlemen

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Students are learning that it’s actually “cool” to open doors for others, dress nice, and treat others with respect. Young m…

hillcrest eltm

Program provides hands-on STEM learning

LAGRANGE, Ga.- Home-made cars zip through the Hillcrest Elementary School hallways every Tuesday afternoon. These 5th graders are part of th…

cool schools author

Students learn from accomplished author

COLUMBUS, Ga.- The environment at Calvary Christian School on Thursday seemed more like a concert than an average lesson on reading. Childre…

students compete in Georgia art contest

Students compete in Georgia art contest

HAMILTON, Ga. – Some local students are drawing up great ideas for a state-wide contest. Harris County High School art students spend hours …

leadership cool schools

Students learn lesson on leadership

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A group of middle school students are learning lessons in leadership. “I like being a leader because it helps me improve on …

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