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Lab tests confirm rabies case in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. – There is a case of rabies in Columbus. This week, a raccoon attacked a person near the Reese Road and Lamore Street areas. L…


Lifting weights linked to brain endurance

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Studies show that exercise has many physical and mental benefits.  A recent study shows said lifting weights at least twice …

Courtesy: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Build-A-Bear stuffed animal recalled


(KXAN) — If your kids own a Build-A-Bear stuffed animal, there is a warning you should be aware of. The company is issuing a recall for more…

Courtesy: FDA

Bornstein Seafoods issues nationwide recall


Editor’s note: All of the recalled products are not featured in the above image. Click the link at the bottom of the story for images of eac…