House Speaker Mike Hubbard says trial won’t be a distraction

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — House Speaker Mike Hubbard says he thought the Republican Party steering committee was “out of their lane” to ask him to give up his leadership duties as he heads to trial on ethics charges.

Hubbard says leadership decisions should fall to House members, and he believes legislators support him. Hubbard says he promised House members that his trial would not be a distraction.

The committee approved a resolution this month asking Hubbard to “suspend” his leadership role until the trial’s completion.

The Republican speaker’s trial starts March 28 which is in the middle of session. However, a judge said it is possible it could be postponed because of appeals of rulings.

Hubbard said he has considered scenarios if session and the trial overlap, but said he would not discuss “hypotheticals.”

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