1 year later: Remembering slain officers

PLAINS, Ga. — It’s been one year since officers Nicolas Smarr and Jody Smith lost their lives in the line of duty and Thursday News 3 spoke with Jody’s father and he says, his heart is broken into pieces just knowing that he will never see his son again.

“I’ve lived this day over 365 days again and again.. It never gets easier,” says Johnny Smith, father of Jody Smith.

One year later the nightmare continues for Johnny Smith, the father of the Georgia Southwestern State University police officer Jody Smith. Officer Smith responded to a call at an apartment complex near the university to back up his friend, Officer Nicholas Smarr with the Americus Police Department. That’s when things took a turn for the worse and both officers were shot.

“When you hear people talk about your son like it was their son…feel great,” says Johnny Smith.

The streets are filled with miles and miles of back the blue signs and ribbons.

“I feel like the community….a lot of support in the community,” says Chief Mark Scott.

And now we remember both officers as heroes.

“These guys sacrificed everything they had,” says Chief Mike Tracy.

There will be a moving memorial on Monday in Americus at two to honor both officers

The Americus Police Department is holding a blood drive in the officers’ honor coming up on December 15.

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