Troup County Program delivers 900 dictionaries to third graders

LAGRANGE, Ga (WRBL) — Over 900 Third Grade students are flipping through their new dictionaries today. Debbie Burdette, Director of Troup County Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP), paid a visit to each Troup County elementary school –she came bearing the gift of words.

Many of the students know Burdette as Mama Jama the Storytelling Mama. Burdette has a true passion for early literacy and helping young students develop a stronger vocabulary for their future. Burdette says each student having their own dictionary means they can look up words themselves, and truly begin to understand the meaning of those words.

Burdette loves to talk about the importance of reading, and how it will help the students reach graduation. 

Paulette Hall, CLCP Board Member, assisted Burdette in handing out the dictionaries. Burdette and Hall were able to shake hands with each student, and ask them what they aspired to do when they grew up. The kids gave a range of answers such as: teachers, priests, and paleontologists.

Both ladies encouraged the third graders to stay in school!







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