Girlfriend of Auburn football player killed in 2014 testifies

Lee County, Ala. —  The first full day of testimony concludes in the trial of a man charged with killing an auburn university football player back in December 2014 outside the Tiger Lodge Apartments in Auburn.

Ayanna Huguley, the girlfriend of Jakell Mitchell who was killed, said  in her testimony that she was standing next to Mitchell when he was shot.

25-year-old Markale Hart is accused of killing Mitchell who was a redshirt freshman at Auburn when he was killed.

She said Mitchell was visibly angry during the night of the shooting and was told he got into an argument with a man by the name of Tyronne Rowe.

Hugely says Rowe was standing with a gun in his hand when hart shot her boyfriend.

In November 2015, Hart pleaded not guilty and claimed he was acting out of self-defense after Mitchell shot first but Huguley says it was Hart who shot first.

“After Markale shot Jakell, Jakell stumbled down and he tried to get back up,” Huguley said. “After he tried to get back up, Jakell tried to grab his gun and shoot back but he fell again and Markale kept shooting.”

Huguley said  Mitchell’s gun was tucked into his waist band when he was shot.

During Defense Attorney Jerry Blevins’ cross examination, Huguley said there were three men with guns in their hand: Hart, Rowe and third man she still doesn’t know.

In her statement to detectives, Huguley said there was only one man with a gun in the parking lot.

Also shown in court today was the .45 caliber Glock used by Mitchell at the crime scene.

A corporal with the Auburn Police Department said there were two different shell casings found in the Tiger Lodge parking lot.

The trial resumes tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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