Brookstone competes in FIRST Tech Challenge at CSU

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Brookstone hosted a robotics tournament at Columbus State University for ten teams across central and southern Georgia this past weekend.

Students competed to see who could design, build, program and drive the best robot capable of completing numerous tasks. Those tasks include: speed and maneuverability, stacking blocks, identifying objectives using various sensors, and climbing over obstacles.

Teams played five round robin matches a piece where they were randomly paired with a different team each round against two other randomly paired teams.

Brookstone placed second, behind Thomas County. Another Columbus school, St. Anne-Pacelli also completed and performed well.

Thomas County won first place at this tournament with the host team, Brookstone, coming in a strong second. St. Anne-Pacelli also competed and performed well.

The state qualifier tournament will be held January 13 in Macon where 20 teams will compete for six invitations to the state tournament.

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