Facebook post suggests using National Guard services to end crime

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — One Columbus resident suggest the Georgia National Guard step in to combat the city’s crime.

The news comes in the wake of Columbus experiencing it’s 39th homicide. It was posted on the Columbus, Georgia Concerned Citizens Forum page. More than 100 comments reveal, that the majority of those on the post, believe calling on the National Guard, is extreme.

“Absolutely ridiculous,” says Andre Lewis.

That’s Andre Lewis responding to a post on the Columbus Concerned Citizens Forum page. The post calls on the community to consider, having the Georgia National Guard step in to end crime in Columbus. Lewis says, having the National Guard come in, would be reminiscent of Martial Law. For those who don’t know, Martial Law is defined as military government involving the suspension of ordinary law.

“We have Donald J. Trump in office and you want us to let that guy dictate what happens here or whoever his nut-case Cabinet is,” says Andre Lewis.

Lewis says there’s another serious issue that needs to be tackled first. He says, if we can get the first issue squared away, then we can eventually work to do away with crime.

“Bigger problems in this community than just the crime. We have failing schools here and it starts there because it’s the uneducated people doing the crimes,” says Andre Lewis.

Part of Moudy’s post reads, “The Georgia Guard stands ready to help civilian authorities.”

“That’s all they do is stand. They stood with those protests in Ferguson and what not that’s all they did was stand there. Do you want to use our taxpayer money to incorporate a whole bunch of people standing here,” says Andre Lewis.

Moudy says he reached out to the Georgia National Guard. He provided News 3 with this statement which reads in part, contrary to what people think of the Georgia National Guard’s involvement, that is the stereotypical Martial Law armed soldiers in the street sort of thing. They gave many different programs to assist local law enforcement.

Moudy says, one way the National Guard can work to assist local law enforcement is help officers patrol the streets, during what he calls peak crime times. He says, it would help to also keep the lives of the officers safe, considering they would likely be in bullet proof vehicles, unlike current police cars.

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