Mom’s Morning Minute: Hottest Holiday Toys

"The Toy Guy"

Holiday shopping is in full swing and if you’re wondering what’s hot in toys this year, we have some ideas.

Chris Byrne, “The Toy Guy” shows us some of the hottest toys of 2017.  He says one of the most popular toys gives your younger children a taste of technology.

Your child may be too young for a cellphone but they still want them, right? This is an ideal handheld device. It’s the Kitty Buzz from V-Tech and it’s for kids 4-9 and what’s cool about it, it’s got 40 apps built in. A camera you can watch video, you can text with your parents over a closed wifi network, using kid connect app. It’s about $99.99 for 4 and up.”

Parents are also buzzing about a toy based on the movie “Frozen.”

Chris says, This is the castle from Arendale, from Playset and Disney. It’s got lights and sounds and detailed figures which we love. It’s great for kids and collectors and is about $139.95.”

If you’re looking for something which fits a smaller budget, Boom Blast Stix may be the answer. No matter what toy is on your list, Chris has advice for shoppers searching for the perfect gift.  He has this advice for parents,

I think if you see something you want, buy it when you see it. Many stores will give you the price difference if it goes on sale. We’ve trained consumers to wait for the sales the last 2 weeks before Christmas so you’re going to see markdowns and things back in stock.”

To find more of the hottest toys of the holiday season, click here.









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