Blessings of the garden: a Columbus PTSD effort

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Wednesday, organizers with the Marianna Senior Rec Center hosted a blessings of the garden event.

The purpose is to ask that God provide peace to those who come in contact with it this includes retired soldiers.

“You talk about PTSD that’s an issue that our soldiers have when they come back from war. So we’re trying to come up with a goal which would be the garden…we tried to come up with an intervention…which will get them involved.”- says Willie Jones, Garden-support, Marianna Senior Rec Center.

Organizers say, the garden used to be a pool.

Back in May, crews started to fill-it in with soil.

They even got some participation from some of those living with PTSD.

“It’s a relaxing form for them to get away from where they are because normally they don’t like to get out and get involved but they came out and worked the garden and talked about how beautiful the plants that’s an intervention for them.”- says Jones.

The garden isn’t only expected to provide peace-, but some good eats as well.

“We have the middle we have the very end broccoli…then we have cauliflower…this was all given to us by Bonnie’s Plants.”- says Jones.

Organizers say, the garden is getting some really good feedback, especially from those who could benefit the most.



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