Athletes Of The Week: Marion County Eagles

The Marion County Eagles have been selected as Athletes Of The Week.  They had a a very close first round playoff game this past Friday against Telfair County, winning 28-27.

A 40 yard touchdown run by Sophomore Trice McCannon, and 3 touch downs totaling 109 rushing yards by Junior Travon Matthews gave Marion County leverage to stick in this close game strong.  Later during the course of the game, an extra point was all that prevented a team from winning.  Wide Receiver Josh Rogers blocked an extra point attempt by Telfair was another crucial moment in the game that helped them achieve their win.

It takes more than skill positions to win games, as even the players looked at as the stars of the game credit their entire team for their success such as the when the lineman blocked great, it helped them run through gaps and score.

Players have thanked God and everyone from the team getting them far.  Head Coach Chris Kirksey described how Marion County executed their plays very sharply.  The coaches and players communicating well was crucial in that matter.  The Marion County Eagles travel play their second round playoff game against the Mt. Zion Eagles!


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