WATCH: GoPro captures video as it’s melted by lava

KALAPANA, Hawaii (CNN) — A tour guide got more than he bargained for when he stuck his GoPro near a lava flow last year — the device got caught in the molten rock while it was still filming.

Erik Storm says he was guiding a tour in Kalapana, Hawaii, in August 2016. He stuck his camera with an attachment into a crevice, and it captured the brightly-colored lava moving closer … and closer … until it reaches the camera and it bursts into flames.

He said it was an accident, but came back later once the lava had cooled and used a rock hammer to retrieve the GoPro. To his surprise, the camera’s blue WiFi light was still blinking, and the footage was still there.

Storm says the incident was not staged — and says the video from 2016 is only now getting attention because a professional photographer he recently talked to wanted to use it in a story.

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