More options amid Moore allegations

AUBURN, Ala. — One Auburn man has waged a write-in campaign for Alabama’s U.S. senate seat as questions about possible outcomes for Roy Moore’s political future remain unanswered.

With the election less than one month away, many people are wondering if there’s anyone else to vote for aside from Doug Jones and Moore, who faces sexual assault allegations.

Small business owner Mac Watson decided to run one day after Moore won the Republican primary in late September.

“I don’t agree with any of Jones’ bigger issues and when it became Moore, I just decided I could either sit back and complain for three years or I could do something about it so I decided to do something about it,” Watson said.

His displeasure for recent political choices extends beyond Alabama’s current senate race.

“I could not vote for Donald Trump and for the first time I did not vote Republican and then when our runoff got down to Moore-Strange I just said ‘I’m no longer Republican. The Republican Party has left me and they’ve left my conservative values,'” he said.

In a recent interview with CBS, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says he and his office are not aware of any viable write-in candidates.

“I know there is some conversation about a write-in candidate being considered but it has not been introduced to us that person has a name or has an organized effort to orient people or educate people as to what would be required to be a successful write-in candidate,” Merrill said.

That includes former Senator Luther Strange who lost to Moore in the primary.

According to several media outlets, Strange says it is quote “highly unlikely” he will run as a write-in candidate. Merrill went through other questions he’s received during this process.

“It’s not possible to remove someone’s name from the ballot,” Merrill said. “He will remain on the ballot and he will be able to be voted on December the 12th.”

He said the only legal way Jones or a write-in like Watson can win is by getting the most votes.

“Let’s make some noise in the last 28 days,” Watson said. “Let’s show kind of show Alabama what Alabama values are.”

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