Pandas prepare for first winter

SHENYANG CITY, LIAONING PROVINCE, China (CBS News) — Four panda cubs have found their legs in the cold winter of Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

The four panda cubs came to Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, from southwest China’s Chengdu City in June, and are facing their very first winter in northeast China in their lives.

Recently, the temperature in Shenyang stood above zero and below 50 degrees. It is a time when humans feel cold but pandas appear to enjoy the winter.

So far, pandas seem to be adjusting quite well, and enjoy playing and wandering outdoors in the cold weather.

“When the temperature drops further, we will put them in the indoor playground as it is now. We installed air conditioners and underfloor heating for them. With these measures, we can control the temperature, and make sure it is within the suitable temperature range,” said Liu He, one of the breeders.

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