Fountain City Classic, big money maker for businesses

COLUMBUS, GA- The Fountain City Classic has come to an end and with the big event comes big bucks for business and the City of Columbus.

More than thirty thousand people were in attendance at the Fountain City Classic Saturday.

“It’s one of those things that you’re very pleased with when you have a successful day, it’s been beautiful weather both two spirited teams a big rivalry between Albany State and Fort Valley State,” said State Representative Calvin Smyre.

Representative Smyre says ticket sales were also a great success.

“It was about ten thousand at the game, it’s always a big turn out and like I said this is a big rivalry,” said State Representative Smyre.

Jennifer Morgan is the owner of J Moorgan styles, she’s been selling her handmade items at the Fountain City Classic since the year of 2011.

“I believe if this game wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here and so I’m just grateful that I am able to have the opportunity to sale my hand made accessories,” Morgan said.

Morgan adds the big game allows her sales to go even higher.

“I came out here first to interact with the customers one on one, take custom orders from a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s business isn’t the only one that thrives during the historical HBCU event.

“My clientele grows every year and I get repeat clients, people of who I’ve taken pictures of through the years,” said Douglas Hampton, Talented Georgia.

Representative Smyre says the Fountain City Classic is also a big event where they can give out scholarships to the next generation of leaders. He says this year ten thousand students were provided funds to help them reach their academic goals.













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