Time zone changes, weather doesn’t

More light in the early mornings, and less in the late afternoon and evening hours will be with us beginning Sunday as Georgia and Alabama make the semi-annual switch from Daylight to Standard Time. For Columbus, that will shift our daily sunrise from around 8:00 to 7:00 AM (for now; it will resume getting later each day until around the winter solstice in December). But on the other end, the sunset will be an hour earlier, as it will go dark before 6:00 in the evening.

The change occurs officially at 2:00 AM Sunday local time; residents should set clocks back one hour upon retiring Saturday night. Those who forget will be an hour too early for anything they have scheduled on Sunday, but following the protocol will allow folks to gain an additional hour of sleep over the weekend. We are not actually “gaining” an hour of time, just shifting the way time is being kept, or you can think of it as getting back the hour we “lost” back in the spring.

It is also frequently recommended that residents use this time to replace batteries in household smoke and CO2 detectors in order to keep them working for the next year.

As for the weekend weather, it doesn’t seem much like early November; although most Novembers do have a few 80-degree days during the month, it’s unusual to experience a multi-day stretch of well above normal temperatures. Our forecast is calling for low to mid 80 degree highs all the way through the beginning of next week, with lows in the 60s also above normal.

Rain chances are limited to a spotty shower or two possible on Saturday, and then not again until around Wednesday when a stronger front is likely to drop into the Gulf states. That will also put an end to the unseasonable warmth as a cooler air mass filters in behind the front. Plenty of cold air is now beginning to build in Canada, but the mechanism to carry it deep into the South is not going to be present in the upper air pattern for the foreseeable future.

Exclusive First Alert local forecast and webcast

DST around the world
Saturday forecast

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