Stem cells used to treat arthritis in dogs

As dogs age, they can experience some of the same aches and pains that plague their owners. Those aches and pains can be attributed to arthritis. It’s the most common ailment veterinarians see in dogs.

Right now, there are few treatment options for dogs such as medication and laser treatment. But prolonged use of medication can lead to kidney damage and other problems. A nationwide clinical trial is using stem cells to treat arthritis. The stem cells are injected into the dog’s joints.

“Not only to make the dog feel better right away, decreasing the inflammatory process, we hope to make him feel better in the long run by actually improving the components of his joints,” said Dr. Lynn Buzhardt, Veterinarian with Zachary Animal Center.

The trial is a double blind study. That means neither the doctors on staff nor the owners know which dogs receive the stem cells and which receive a placebo.

To learn whether your dog qualifies for the trial click here.

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