Business On Your Side: Breast Cancer Awareness

For this week of Business On Your Side, we have Nicole Adderley as a guest who happens to be a breast cancer survivor.  She works as a lifestyle development coach and a message therapist.

Before discovering she had cancer, she thought it was just a lump.  However, she took a trip to the doctor’s office hoping to receive good news, but she was diagnosed with breast cancer triple negative, stage 3, and grade 3 in June 2016 when she was 57.  She was terrified when she found this out as most people would be when discovering such devastating news.

She has received so much support from when she went through cancer.  Her best friend and caregiver, Bridget, was who she called and cried to right after finding out the news.  The West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition has also helped her out greatly.  Gloria Weston-Smart, who is a breast cancer survivor and a previous guest on Business On Your Side has been a great mentor to her as well.  She describes how receiving such kindness from everyone made such a huge difference in her life.  She had 10 months of treatment.  During her chemotherapy treatment and after surgery, she has been working out.  This experience has shown how strong she has fought.

Nicole emphasizes how important it is to have mammograms every year for women 40 and older, even if just a small lump.  A simple check up that discovers cancer early can save your life.

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