Russell County Sheriff’s Office hosts seventh annual meeting for sex offenders on probation

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala.- Tuesday night, Russell County sex offenders on probation were off the streets until 8 p.m. for the seventh annual sex offender meeting.

A few years ago, the sheriff’s office got with the state probation office and asked it be mandatory that any sex offender on probation, living in the county, attend a meeting on Halloween during trick-or-treat hours.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor said there are 185 to 190 sex offenders in the county, with close to 40 on probation. Sheriff Taylor said the office felt this would be a good opportunity to get as many of the offenders together as they can and give them the chance to ask questions in regards to sex offender laws and more.

In addition to giving offenders the chance to be up to date on laws, the office hoped it would put parents at ease during trick-or-treating. Sheriff Taylor said the office would not advocate for anything to happen, but said in today’s society, it is something they have to think about.

“You have to be cautious, and you have to take advantage of things like this, and you have to try and be preventative,” Sheriff Taylor said. “If nothing else, that’s what we’re trying to do at the sheriff’s office, is just do something to prevent what could happen.”

Even though the meeting was mandatory for offenders on probation, any other offender who showed up to the meeting had their next registration fee waived.

To search for offenders in your area, you can visit this website.

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