Local dentist’s office accepting candy donations to send to troops

COLUMBUS, Ga. — If you want to save your kids some cavities this Halloween, a local dentist’s office will accept your extra sugary treats and send them to troops overseas who are in need of a sweet taste of home.

Kool Smiles off Manchester Expressway is now in the sixth year of its Operation Troops Treats program. The dentist’s office partners with Operation Gratitude to mail candy donations to men and women fighting for our country.

Dr. Leonard Johnson says the program hits home for him and many other Kool Smiles staffers who are active or retired military or who grew up in military families. He says it means a lot to the staff to be able to give back.

“We get many letters every year from the troops and they are very appreciative,” Dr. Leonard says. “It’s nice to kind of help distract them from what’s going on where they are.”

Kool Smiles will accept candy donations until November 4. Any child can come in and exchange their candy for a free toy, even it they are not a Kool Smiles patient.

Dr. Leonard says last year, the program managed to collect around 48 pounds of candy. This year, they hope to break that record and collect 50.


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