Business On Your Side: Teacher’s School Supply Drive

The Teacher’s School Supply Drive is a project in which TSYS and WRBL have partnered together to gather much needed school supplies for our teachers from nearby counties including Muscogee, Russell, Lee, and more.  Our Chief Meteorologist, Bob Jeswald, has helped with the project as well.  This is such a great cause as it helps teachers to have access to the supplies or “tools” they need to help them do their jobs their best.  That being said, when teachers have access to school supplies they need for our students, it serves as a great aid into helping our students receive a high quality education.  When the teachers of Muscogee County came to pick up their school supplies, they were greeted by Muscogee County School Superintendent, David Lewis.  Florene Dawkins of Muscogee County School District served a big part in organizing this project.  TSYS Director of Communications, Rob Ward, explained this project was very important for his company to get involved with because they are very focused on education within our community.  Education is a driving force to the quality of life here as encourages people to want to live and work in our area.  Thank you to TSYS and everyone who helped make our Teacher’s Student Supply Drive into a great success.

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