Breast Cancer survivor shares her story of triumph over two diagnoses

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Nicole Adderley is a fitness instructor  and a massage therapist. Her mantra is Fifty, Fabulous, and Fit. But her fitness journey took a detour in June 2016. She found a lump in her left breast which was ultimately diagnosed as cancer.

“I was like I have what? Nobody in my family has breast cancer. I don’t know you’ve got the wrong person, wrong patient. Not me,” said Nicole Adderley.

Her course of treatment was 6 months of chemo, followed by a mastectomy. She was on the brink of having her breast removed in the winter of 2016 when she received more bad news.

“I felt a lump and I went back to Doctor Smith I was like Dr. Smith I have a lump in the same place, and he tested it and was like your tumor is back. I just couldn’t understand it, I wasn’t ready to receive that.”

But she’s a woman of faith, and to her that meant no matter what, she wins. She had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. She says she could not have done it without faith, family, and friends. Because she was uninsured at the time, the West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition was a Godsend.

“They helped with three months of bills, living expenses, mortgage, gas food, they do all those things right.”

Now cancer free, she’s back to doing what she loves, helping others get fit, and relax.

Nicole has a cancer support group for men and women. All types of cancers. The next meeting is October 27th, at 6:30 pm. You can call Nicole at (917) 870-3286. The Support group meets every three weeks.

Her next project, is a retreat for cancer patients where they can learn about nutrition, exercise, and get pampered. She’s scouting for the perfect location in our area.

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