Testimony from suspect’s former cellmate shocks Double Churches murder trial courtroom

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A former cellmate of one of the suspects took the stand with a breakthrough testimony for the prosecution.

The inmate who shared a cell with suspect Derian Waller said Waller told him he and his crew robbed and killed 24-year-old Demonde Dicks Jr.

Waller, along with A’keveius Powell and Jacquawn Clark are on trial in the shooting death of Dicks.

The shooting took place in broad daylight at Double Churches Park in June 2016.

The inmate who testified Friday morning shared a cell with Waller for two months. During that time, the inmate said Waller told him exactly what happened on that June afternoon.

Waller’s former cellmate: “He just told me him and his crew robbed a dude and killed a dude for $40,000.”
Prosecutor: “Did he say which one fired the shot?”
Waller’s former cellmate: “He said it was him.”

The inmate said Waller told him the $40,000 was in a backpack.

Video surveillance shows the victim, Dicks, getting off a Groome bus with a backpack, which has yet to be found.

Video also shows Clark and Dicks stopped at Publix and Dollar General before heading to Double Churches Park where Clark told police they went to smoke weed.

While all this was happening, prosecutors say Clark, Powell and Waller texted the idea of killing Dicks and taking his money.

Detectives say Clark drove off but called police to tell them his cousin, Derian Waller, pulled the trigger.

Clark’s defense attorney: “Did Mr. Waller ever say he should have killed his cousin?”
Waller’s former cellmate: “Yes ma’am.”

The inmate who testified Friday was hoping to get out of prison and out of his sentence. He was not given either one but still gave his testimony on the condition of probation.

When asked if Waller ever brought up A’keveius Powell, Waller told the inmate, “He had nothing to do with it.”

Trial resumes Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

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