Smiths Station adds a “Safe Exchange Zone” outside city hall

SMITHS STATION, Ala. — When you buy and sell an item over the Internet, there is a possibility that something may go wrong when you meet someone to exchange the money for the items. However, Smiths Station has created an area to put people at ease when picking up an item.

Outside the Smiths Station Government Center, they added a “Safe Exchange Zone.” It is under 24/7 monitoring, and it is a safe place for people to exchange money for goods they purchased on the Internet. It can also be used to meet for child custody exchanges.

“Meeting in an area that’s marked as a safe exchange zone, the person or both parties understand that it is being monitored,” Maj. Jeff Pitts of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said. “It is clearly marked on the signs that it is monitored by security surveillance 24 hours a day. It gives them more peace of mind to be able to come in and make their transactions and know someone is watching.”

The zone is available to anyone in the Smiths Station community.

“Safe Exchange Zones” are also in the parking lots of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Lee County Justice Center and the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.

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