Business On Your Side: Keep Columbus Beautiful

We have Gloria Weston-Smart, the Executive Director of Keep Columbus Beautiful speaking on breast cancer awareness.  She also happens to be a breast cancer survivor herself and informs us of her great testimony which she connects with her faith.  When she was diagnosed five years ago, she was in shock.  However, she still felt God give her this peace that cannot be explained.  She had been taking her mammograms every year.  The year before her diagnosis, nothing showed up, but then something showed up as a classification between her chest walls and was classified as being in stage 2.  It was a tough time for her as her cancer was invasive cancer.  She didn’t have a lump and informs how many women think they cannot get breast cancer without a lump, but that is not true as it happened to her.  She is very thankful to having the early detection which showed how important annual mammograms are.  When she was going through breast cancer, she talks about how she received so much support.  She is now celebrating five years free of breast cancer!

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