Finally, a Cold Front

The weather map this morning shows a front right through the middle of Alabama into northwestern Georgia. Cooler air lies behind the front, but the boundary has stalled and the surge of cooler air will not be arriving in Columbus, nor will we see a significant drop in humidity.

Temperatures will continue well above normal through the weekend, with record highs within range thanks to an unseasonably warm air mass that has not been dislodged from its position over the southeastern U.S.  We’re also likely to remain dry, despite the very humid conditions which were left behind after the passage of Tropical Storm Nate early in the week.

By Sunday, a stronger cold front is forecast to approach our area from the north, giving us a chance of showers and thunderstorms from late Sunday until the front passes through on Monday. Following that, we’ll see lower humidity and temperatures back to near normal, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Temperatures 8 AM Thursday
Forecast map for Monday

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