Indian Trail Bridge continues to raise safety concerns

SEALE, Ala. — An old, dilapidated bridge in Seale is creating a hazard for those crossing it, and neighbors found out this week it may be their responsibility to fix it.

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt,” says Ken Frye who lives past the bridge. “Should somebody get hurt on this bridge, Teen Challenge doesn’t understand they’re the ones with the deep pockets. They’re going to get sued too.”

Travis Hargrove is the attorney representing Teen Challenge who owns the property.

In a letter to one family who uses the bridge, he wrote quote: “As a property owner who utilizes Indian Trail, as well as the Indian Trail Bridge, for ingress and egress, you are a dominant holder of an easement on my client’s property. Under Alabama law, the dominant holder of an easement is responsible for maintaining that easement.”

Ned Jenrette drives across the bridge everyday to get to and from work. News 3 spoke with him back in August about his concerns.

“I’m sure that they won’t bring an ambulance across this bridge because of the weight,” Jenrette said. “I just need to sit down and talk to somebody and see what can be done.”

Fry shares his neighbor’s plea to work out a solution with Teen Challenge.

“Come together with us,” he said. “Let’s put together some funds, put together a plan and let’s get this fixed so no one gets hurt.”


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