Increase in car fires across the plains

EAST ALABAMA — Emergency responders are warning drivers about the serious dangers posed by car fires.

In August a husband who was in a wheel chair had to be pulled from a burning vehicle along US-280 in Smiths Station. Both he and his wife survived, thanks to strangers who came to their rescue.

Fire Marshal Ricky Shores explained how most accidental fires occur.

“Most of those accidental fires that start in vehicles typically start in the engine compartment where you’ve got the most moving parts obviously so probably the biggest danger would be a gasoline fuel leak that gets onto a hot portion of the vehicle,” said Shores.

Shores said so far he believes Columbus Fire and EMS has put out about 10-12 car fires so far this year.

With several recent vehicle fires, we asked local fire experts their advice for keeping fires from happening.

Here’s what experts say you need to do.

  • Turn on your signal, and immediately move to the closest safe place like the median.
  • Stop the car and turn off the ignition.
  • Get every person out of the car, and don’t allow anyone to go back to get anything.
  • Move far away from the burning vehicle and call 9-11.

It’s important for drivers to make sure their gas tank is closed. If conditions are right, an open cap could cause your car to explode.



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