Detective fired, another officer demoted after nurse arrest

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KTVX) – Disciplinary action has been taken against two Salt Lake City police officers who were involved in the arrest of an on-duty nurse.

Detective Jeff Payne was fired from the Salt Lake City Police Department and Lt. James Tracy was demoted within the department, according to disciplinary records.

In July, a nurse with University of Utah Hospital’s Burn Unit, Alex Wubbels, was arrested after she refused a police blood draw request. Wubbels and hospital officials say she was following protocol and consent laws regarding drawing blood from an unconscious patient.

Payne and Tracy were placed on administrative leave in September after video of the incident surfaced and gained nationwide attention.

The incident prompted public apologies from Salt Lake City Chief of Police Mike Brown and Mayor Jackie Biskupski.  Administrators at University of Utah Hospital also apologized to Wubbels and implemented changes to prevent an incident like that from happening again.

Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office is currently conducting a separate criminal investigation.

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