Alabama Rural Ministry braves the elements for a special cause

AUBURN, Ala.- If in the past couple of days you’ve driven down Gay Street in Auburn, you may have noticed a tiny shack or two. Since last Wednesday, Lisa Pierce, the director of the Alabama Rural Ministry has lived in one of the shacks.

The Alabama Rural Ministry is a home repair ministry that serves families and shares the love of Christ by providing home repair assistance.

The shacks are used to replicate some of the issues families in need of home repair might face such as leaky roofs, drafty windows and more. The group is in the midst of the tenth Sweet Homes Alabama campaign, a campaign focused on raising $100,000 to help repair 20 homes in the state. The group said there is a housing shortage of 90,000 housing units in the state and a declining housing stock with the elderly.

Pierce said the group is dedicated to preventing homelessness and said all the hard work pays off.

“It’s just such a beautiful moment when you’re finished and you go around, and we talk about warm, safe, dry and how comfortable they are,” Pierce said. “Then, they talk about the relationships they built with all of the groups that came in and served with them, but it’s just good to know for this one family, they’re taken care of.”

The group plans to work on 13 different housing sites on Oct. 28, which is Make a Difference Day.

Anyone interested in donating to the cause can visit the organization’s website.

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