Parents speak up on controversy surrounding local teacher using racial slur

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Outraged parents lined up one-by-one at Monday night’s school board meeting to make it known they aren’t happy with the punishment meted out to a teacher who used a racial slur in front of students.

Members of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance were among those who voiced their frustrations with the comments of the Reese Road Elementary School teacher. Most who went before the board were clear with their message. When it comes to the teacher’s consequence, they say, more must be done.

“But this teacher gets a two day suspension and a non-teaching job at the Tahj Mahal? Baby that’s a promotion not a punishment,” says a concerned citizen.

During the Muscogee County School Board meeting, parents addressed the controversy surrounding former fourth grader teacher Tammy Carnley of Reese Road Leadership Academy. Her punishment for using the N-word when talking to students, did not appear to be received too well.

“That should be in your heart. You should know that it’s wrong,” says a concerned citizen.

You’re looking at a woman who says her child’s teacher used a racial slur when talking to a student. Parents say the incident happened on the first of September. Most appeared to agree Ms Carnely, a 16-year teaching veteran should be fired.

“There is no room within your educational system for her to work on any level not even non-teaching position because you have to remove the bad apple from the bunch,” says a concerned citizen.

In response to Carnley’s actions, School Board Member John Thomas wrote a zero tolerance policy for racial slurs, proposing it to the board. The community responded to Thomas’ efforts.

“God bless Mr. Thomas’ heart but I shouldn’t have to wait on the white boy to create a policy that speaks to what’s going on with black children!” says a concerned citizen.

Board members say, that policy will be voted on in November. Members of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance held a news conference earlier to address the actions of Carnley. The IMA is an organization that works to shed light on issues affecting the community. According to them, Ms. Carnley, deserves forgiveness.

“How many of us in life have made words that weren’t great so I believe it’s a teaching moment for the world and we can show the whole world that Muscogee County-Columbus, Ga. we can get past things and grow together,” says Donovan Coley.

School Board Chair Pat Hugley-Green says, the board cannot decide, whether the teacher gets fired. She says Carnley is protected by what’s called the Georgia Fair Dismissal Act.

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