Russell County EMA preparing for Hurricane Nate

This Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, GOES East satellite image provided by NASA taken at 7:45 p.m EDT, shows Hurricane Maria as it approaches the Lesser Antilles. Maria swiftly grew into a hurricane Sunday, and forecasters said it was expected to become much stronger over the coming hours following a path that would take it near many of the islands wrecked by Hurricane Irma and then on toward Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. (NASA via AP)

Russell County, AL.- In preparation for Hurricane Nate, the Russell County EMA is putting safety plans in place.

Saturday, Bob Franklin, the EMA Director said it’s important for citizens to be prepared. Families should have a family safety plan in place just in case the unexpected happens.

“If the wind does start to pick up try to stay home. Getting out on the road and driving and one of those trees that have been weakened from previous storms or the drought, you never know when they’re going to come over or when that gust of wind is going to come and you don’t want to be driving down the road when that tree falls,” said Franklin.

The Russell County EMA is expecting the worst of the storm Sunday around noon and one o’clock.

Franklin said each family should have enough water and supplies to last them at least three days in case there are any power outages.

“If we have power outages it’s going to be a one-two day process to get it back up and going. Of course that really depends on how bad it is across the rest of the state. Some of the impacts in the center of the state will probably be a lot worst, than what we are going to experience, so that’s going to keep the power crews busy,” said Franklin.

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