CSU Police host gunman simulation in the wake of deadly Georgia Tech shooting

COLUMBUS, Ga. — In the wake of the deadly Georgia Tech shooting, Columbus State University is doing its part to prepare students for a possible similar event.

Campus officers hosted a gunman simulation. Thursday, the demonstrations held at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center presented four gunman scenarios.

News 3 had learned officer candidates must pass all scenarios before they can become an actual police officer in the state of Georgia.

“The intent with this type of training is for officers in training to be able to take what they read in a book, what they hear in a lecture and translate that into some simulation,” Lt. Brett Stanelle, Columbus State Police University

Organizers say the demonstration was part of the judgment pistol simulations.

Representatives explain how this kind of training helps officers in the field.

“It challenges them to be observant of what’s going on in the simulations and react accordingly,” says Lt. Stanelle.

This simulation shows a man attempting to jump to his death off a ledge.

He eventually, crosses over to the safe side of the ledge- but then at random he draws his weapon.

CSU students who played the role of the officer– react to the gunman simulations overall.

“It’s a split second. A lot of people develop tunnel vision where they focus on just what’s at hand…the danger…there’s a lot of different perspectives I took away from here,” says Lt. Logan Ragan, Columbus State University Student Government President.

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