Argument over a parking spot sparks deadly shooting in Mobile

Kwazia Thomas, a suspect in the murder of 57-year-old Gerard “Santana” Joyner. (Mobile Metro Jail/WKRG)

MOBILE, Ala. — A Mobile man is dead and his sister says he was shot during an argument over a parking space.

The victim of a Mobile shooting, Gerard “Santana” Joyner passed away from his injuries Thursday, September 29, 2017. (WKRG)

News 3 sister station WKRG spoke with Kristen Cunningham after her brother, 57-year-old Gerard “Santana” Joyner, was shot Wednesday night.

“It’s just very hard to lose him like that because you see all these shootings going on in the community, but when it hits home it’s just really hard,” Cunningham said.

She tells WKRG reporters her brother Gerard was shot in the side during an argument with 42-year-old Kwazia Thomas. Gerard was rushed to a local hospital, but died during his third surgery Thursday morning.

Mobile police arrested Thomas as a suspect Thursday evening and charged him with murder.

Joyner’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses.

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