No Break from the Heat

September is coming to a close with record-smashing weather in half the country, and although we don’t expect to break any heat records here in the South, we’re saddled with above-average warmth for at least a few more days. From the Great Lakes to the Northeast, numerous daily record highs have been set since the weekend and some cities – like Burlington, Vermont – have had their warmest temperatures ever for this late in the season.

More records can be expected in those northern areas today, but a cold front is beginning to make inroads and will bring more typical fall temperatures behind it. The front is a key to our weather future as well; though the warm ridge in the East is stubbornly holding on, the front is expected to make it to Columbus on Friday. Though our cooling will be modest at first, lower temperatures and humidity will be on the way for the weekend.

Hurricane Maria continues to slowly move over Atlantic waters offshore from North Carolina, and is expected to weaken to a tropical storm by Wednesday. Portions of the Mid-Atlantic coast will continue to experience some gusty winds and high surf until the storm gets picked up by the upper flow and carried out to sea.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Forecast highs for Tuesday


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