Republican candidates make last-minute campaign pushes ahead of Alabama Senate run-off

A big Republican Senate run-off showdown happens Tuesday in Alabama when voters decide their candidate to face Democratic challenger Doug Jones in December.  Two men are hoping to be the last Republican candidate standing: Roy Moore and Luther Strange.

Sunday night, Judge Roy Moore took to the stage at the 15th annual Bluegrass festival in McIntosh, making a last-minute push to gain more votes in Tuesday’s run-off.

He spoke about his pledge to keep his religious values at the forefront of his platform, if elected, and why he believes the nation is watching this Alabama run-off election so closely.

“[Observers are} waiting to see if the people of Alabama will give up their votes to an establishment in Washington that does not want to move forward. Does not want to progress. Does not want to stop illegal aliens. Does not want to stop socialized medicine and wants to keep things just like it is so people in Washington can hold their power, prestige, and position,” Moore told the crowd.

Meanwhile, back in Huntsville on Friday night, Moore’s competitor and current Senator Luther Strange received endorsement from President Donald Trump himself– who came to Huntsville to throw his full support behind Strange. Strange told the crowd a vote for him would mean supporting the Trump agenda.

“It really will depend on your getting out to vote. It will determine whether the President has the votes he needs in the Senate to stand up to Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and even our own Republican so-called Conservatives who are standing in the way of the President’s agenda,” Strange told his supporters.

Today, Vice President Mike Pence is expected in Alabama to campaign for Strange, as well, ahead of tomorrow’s election.

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