Experts release safety tips amid reports of attempted child abductions

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Experts say the children involved in the attempted abductions earlier this week did the right thing by running and telling their parents.

It’s important that if kids ever feel threatened that they don’t freeze up but run and scream to get away however they can.

Parents practice yelling with your kids so they are less likely to freeze up in a real situation.

“You always scream and at all cost try not to go near that vehicle because if you go, your options are limited. The best thing to do is fight.” says Captain Curtis Lockette, Communications and Training Muscogee County Marshal’s Office.

Parents it’s important for you to have a copy of your child’s I-D card.

“ID cards, schools they have them, make sure they always have them on them and get the children finger printed so if something happens at least we can I-D who they are and if they go to a particular place if they touch something then that’ll give us a clue where they may be also,” says Captain Lockette

Here are some other important tips:

  • Always walk with a friend and with awareness.
  • Know what’s in front, behind, and around you.
  • Never wear headphones.
  • If you have a cell phone, have it ready to call someone in case of an emergency.
  • Parents, you can download apps that can pin point where your child is at all times.

Captain Lockette says it’s important for parents to discuss a plan with their child before they head out the door for school.

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