On the table: A discussion about crime

COLUMBUS, Ga. — With nearly 30 homicides this year and three-officer involved shootings in 12 days, concern about crime is growing.

On the Table is designed to spark civic conversation, create new relationships and inspire collaborative action to solve many problems such as crime.

“I think people are welcome at the table here in our community, but they don’t always know where the table is,” Chattahoochee Valley Community Foundation CEO Betsy Covington said.

The table for this event, sponsored by the Community Foundation, can be anywhere in the community from coffee shops to parks and churches.

“We can’t solve every issue, but we can do our part together,” Greater Beallwood Baptist Church Reverend Adrian Chester said.

“We don’t have the answers, but we need to put our heads together with concerned citizens and try to figure out what we can do to help this community move forward,” St. Thomas Episcopal Church representative Sherry Wade said.

To do that, Wade and Chester decided to have their two churches team up and provide places for people to share ideas and concerns in person.

“We need to have deep conversations and not wild comments flying back and forth on Facebook,” Wade said.

Many comments on Facebook are about the number of homicides and officer-involved shootings in Columbus, something these churches want to stop.

“Reach people who are in a sense crying out for help, but don’t know where to go or how to find that help,” Chester said.

On the Table is a place to share your thoughts and get a different perspective.

“If our community has crime that’s higher than we want it to be, it hurts all of us whether we’re directly victimized by the crime or not,” Covington said. “On the Table isn’t the answer to all of that, but it’s the answer to some of it.”

To register CLICK HERE.

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