Efforts to conserve school district energy

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. — The Russell County School District says it’s looking for ways to conserve energy. School board members heard ways Monday night they can cut energy costs in some areas.

Keith Mitchell, President of the Russell County School Board says, the board is also looking to conduct some much needed upgrades. He says, as it stands right now, upgrading systems within the district may be the ultimate answer to cutting back on costs.

Monday evening, the Russell County School District held a meeting. Part of it allowed two companies, Noresco and ABM, to show the school district how to conserve energy.

“Anywhere that we can save energy..windows and doors, air conditioning units, heating units,” says Keith Mitchell.

Mitchell explains the areas that the district would work to conserve energy.

“Lighting projects, water conservation..most of those are general areas where they will come in and target and look to see what our facilities are like,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell explains how companies like Noresco and ABM would help with energy conservation, if the district decides to move forward with the recommendations.

“Put programs together where they feel like we would save the most money by upgrading,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell explains the areas that could stand to be upgraded within the district.

“Air conditioning units that are pretty old so naturally they’re not working as efficient as a new unit would..we have windows and doors that are very old so I’m sure we’re losing heating and cooling in those areas,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell explains how the companies believe, they can help the district cut back on costs.

“We spend about seven hundred thousand a year in energy and utility costs..they think that they can come in and save us from 20 to 40 percent of that,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell explains what the district would do with the money that would be saved.

“And we would take those savings and put it back into the costs of the upgrades that they would do,” says Mitchell.

The school district says they expect to make a decision with at least one of the two companies who made a presentation Monday. The school district says, a decision could come as early as three months.


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