Miami evacuee claims divine intervention protected her home

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Even though Hurricane Irma is long gone, many are still trying to recover.

Michelle Hunter says considering no damage was done to her home, she’s counting her blessings.

“I’m one of millions of people, my story is very minute compared to God being so real. You come to Miami and you see that these streets were flooded and people have power outages, homes were completely damaged.”, says Michelle Hunter, Miami Evacuee

Hunter says the Holy Spirit gave her instructions before Irma made landfall.

“Pray over the addresses that you want me to protect, so I begin to go down the list of my family and friends, so yea it was an amazing experience I will never forget.”, says Hunter

The very next day, Hunter evacuated to Tallahassee, Florida, she says when she returned home to Miami, everything was exactly the way she left it.

“I drive over a bridge that there’s yachts and there’s water everywhere and you see these yachts that are capsized and they are sticking out of the water, I see palm trees are laying out in the road and when I pull up to my condo everything is in perfect condition.”, says Hunter

Hunter told News 3’s Ken Martin, she’s now working to help her community rebuild.

“A friend of mine told me, a friend of his a tree fell on his home, so they begin to assist him with removing a tree. I actually went with him to help clean yards for people that had trees fall on their roofs their yards.”, says Hunter

She says it was no one but God who kept her, her home, family, and friends safe.







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