Sumter County family in need of help clearing Irma debris

SUMTER COUNTY, Ga. — Kristy Styles’s parents brought her home from the hospital 36 years ago to the little home on Pessell Creek Road, just outside Plains. Ever since, it’s the only home she has ever known.

But Tropical Storm Irma destroyed that feeling of familiarity for Styles, her 76-year-old mother, her children, and her niece this past Monday when the angry and unwelcome visitor toppled a Chinaberry tree on top of the home’s roof. The huge tree grew so much from the small, budding sapling she remembers her father planting in the yard when she was a child.

The tree fell Monday around noon, but at first, the family didn’t realize it.  However, ultimately, the tree caused a hole to develop in the roof over the den, allowing water to come pooling inside the house and creeping through the ceiling and walls.  The sprawling tree also enshrouded her mother’s Dodge Durango, parked just outside the house and near the tree.

The family had no homeowner’s insurance. Repairs, that they cannot afford, will have to come out-of-pocket. They did, however, have auto insurance. But before the auto insurance adjuster can even assess the SUV’s damage, the tree needs to be cut-off it. The family does not have chainsaws, and they do not know anyone who does.  They are not in a position to hire anyone to do the work, either.

If you’re in a position to help Kristy and her family get the tree off her car and house, you may contact her at (229) 310-5566 or message her on Facebook.


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