Search for police impersonator(s) is still on in East Alabama

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Three East Alabama law enforcement agencies are working together to solve their cases of a police impersonator that have happened within the last month.

Back in late August, Opelika Police said a woman was driving down North Uniroyal Road just before 1 a.m. A white Dodge Charger was driving behind her, and then it threw its blue lights on. The woman pulled over, and when the suspect got out of the car, he said he was a police officer and asked for her personal information. The suspect asked her to get out of the car so he could search it. After he searched the car, he told the woman to, “have a nice day,” and drove off.

The suspect was described as a white man, six feet tall with a large, muscular build, short blond hair in a “high and tight” style haircut. He had a badge on his dark blue short-sleeve shirt and dark blue pants. He also had a firearm and pepper spray.

A few days later, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said a woman was driving down Lee Road 270 just before sunrise when a white car with a blue light bar was behind her. Emergency operators told the woman that there was not a deputy in that area. Before she was able to pull over, the car drove off.

Last Thursday, Auburn Police said a 21-year-old woman was pulled over near the intersection of East University Drive and South Dean Road. Police said the suspect was dressed in a dark colored uniform, driving a newer model white Dodge Charge with black rims, brush guard over the grill, spot light on the driver’s door and blue strobe lights inside the car across the top of the windshield.

Police said the man approached the woman’s car and demanded money. He was described as six feet tall, light colored hair and athletic build.

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said his office is working with the Opelika Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to determine if the cases are related. So far, Auburn Police have not identified a suspect or car, but they are working the case each day.

“We have followed down a number of potential leads that have just not panned out yet,” Chief Register said. “We’ve looked at several vehicles, we’ve looked at people, we’ve looked at areas, and we work with agencies, not just in this state. We’ve been very aggressive, and thus far, we just haven’t found that person yet, but I’m confident we will at some point.”

All three agencies have been working their cases each day, and they are doing all they can to get the suspect off the streets.

“All of us in law enforcement want to do anything we can to eliminate this individual from being out there and doing this type of action,” Sheriff Jay Jones said. “We’re certainly doing everything we can in regards to making sure to identify and apprehend this individual.”

If a police officer tries to pull you over, you can do the following:

  • Turn your flashers on and slow down to indicate that you see the officer.
  • Drive slow to a well-lit, public place, like an open business.
  • If you believe the person is not a police officer, call 911 and report it immediately

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