Headed Back to Summer

The immense and destructive Hurricane Irma, now little more than a weak low pressure circulation on a U.S. weather map, is finally on its way into the history books – and the record book. Clouds remain surrounding the circulation which is centered along the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee, and low clouds from the system extend eastward into much of Alabama.

We remain in a favorable position which should leave us with pleasant weather today and Thursday. More sunshine will lead to a warming trend all the way to the weekend, although another disturbance in the upper pattern could bring showers and thunderstorms from Friday afternoon into Saturday, with precise timing to be determined.

A warming trend begins today, and by the weekend we’re likely to see near to above normal highs that could reach the 90s, and lows that may not get below 70º as we return to more typical mid-September temperatures after our recent preview of fall.

Hurricane Jose continues to meander around the western Atlantic as a weak Category 1, posing no threat to land. It is forecast to weaken to a tropical storm within a few days.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

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