In-depth explanation about power restoration in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Crews are still working to restore power to more than one thousand people.

Since Monday, crews have put more than 20 hours of work.

Georgia Power representatives explain why this process requires a lot of patience and precision.

Tuesday, one hundred Georgia Power representatives worked to restore power to thousands in Columbus.

“The resources are stretched in since the whole state was hit and there’s outages. Atlanta has about a half a million out. “- says Robert Watkins, Georgia Power.

Robert Watkins is a communications representative with Georgia Power.

Around 12:15 Tuesday afternoon, he provided News Three with an update on Columbus outages.

“In Columbus we have a little over three thousand from a little over 28 thousand that were out yesterday.”- says Watkins.

That number continued to change throughout the day.

Watkins also says the areas affected were pretty widespread in Columbus.

“From Green Island to Steam Mill Road out here at County Line Road…so it didn’t spare anybody.”- says Watkins.

County Line Road was one of the hardest hit places causing hundreds to be without power in the area.

Crews had been working on that area since 6:00 am.

“If you’ll notice the pole has been broken…tree fell across the wire and broke the pole. The one up the street is broken . They are gonna have to set poles to replace poles and then the wire back up on top of the pole.”- says Watkins.

Watkins explains why he needs the public to be patient.

“This storm knocked out the whole state..normally you have a portion of the state that was hit. You move resources in, you get it quickly. This one resources are gonna be slow coming in. They’re gonna be shared with all the other parts of the state so this is gonna be a several day outage.”- says Watkiins.

Watkins says crews are committed to restoring power to everyone no matter how long it takes.



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