Hundreds seek shelter ahead of Hurricane Irma

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Alexander Williams is just one of the hundreds flocking to the Columbus Civic Center ahead of Hurricane Irma.

“We have a 2 year old son, if we didn’t have him we probably wouldn’t have left but because of him we tried to find somewhere to go.”, says Alexander Williams Evacuee

Many viewers contacted our newsroom asking how you can donate to those staying at the Columbus Civic Center.

Adelaide Kirk with the American Red Cross ask that you donate, but to not bring the items to the Columbus Civic Center.

“They have been amazing and have come to us in our time of need when we needed to replenish some things and they’ve been able to provide.We just ask that you just don’t show up necessarily at the Civic Center. You do want to call the Red Cross office and ask if you’ve got something to donate. We can take the donations there as well, so that’s the best way to go about it or you can just make contact with us first.”, says Adelaide Kirk, The American Red Cross

At this point, the American Red Cross needs local volunteers.

“There’s a great need for people here in this community who have been bused in for Storm Irma, so we are a super shelter here in Columbus, and therefore there are so many doctors graciously volunteering.”, says Dr.Beverly Townsend, Volunteer

Williams told our Ken Martin, he’s grateful for the hospitality shown by the American Red Cross and members of the Columbus community, despite the long drive.

“We left at 2 and didn’t get here until 10, very tired. When we got here we were provided a bed and food almost immediately.”, says Williams

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