Georgia storm chasers head to Florida

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Hurricane Irma hits home for Joe Pisani.

“I lived in Miami Florida for about 8 years along with my brother who’s here right behind me, so we have experience dealing with Tropical Storms and Hurricanes including Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Katrina,” says Pisani with the Southern Storm Team storm chasers.

Pisani says Irma isn’t your ordinary storm.

“This storm is very different in the area it’s affecting obviously Florida is a much higher densely populated area low lying land and is already seeing significant surge flooding from the storm surge,” he says.

Pisani is urging everyone in the News 3 viewing area to take this storm seriously.

“Columbus is well over two hours inland so much of the area isn’t used to dealing with tropical weather and we’re looking at potentially sustained winds up there in Columbus at Tropical Storm force for a 6-12 hours most of the day,” Pisani warns.

For those thinking about driving in Monday’s dangerous weather, Pisani tells News 3 it isn’t a good idea.

“Do not attempt to venture out because you do not want to be a fatality with a tree falling on you or something like that, so stay in hunker down until the weather pass,” he says.

Pisani says the Southern Storm Team is hoping to also help those in need while in Florida.

“We are really out here to do what we can to document the storm and then we’re also are going to be helping with relief efforts as well.”


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