Efforts to perfect police-community relations

AUBURN, Ala. — In the wake of many deadly officer involved shootings across the US, Auburn University hosts an event in an effort to perfect police and community relations.

There was a good turnout for the event called, “Together We Can.” Organizers, students and police say it’s efforts like these that will help society take steps in the right direction, when it comes to better building police and community relations.

Thursday evening, dozens turned out for the second annual “Together We Can” event at Auburn University. Students, officers with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Auburn Police Department were all welcome. Jade Kinney, an Auburn student and counselor headed up the event again. She explains what inspired her to carry out such an effort.

“Last year there were a lot of reports in the media about police shootings ending and resulting in death,” says Jade Kinney.

Kinney says with many of the officer-involved shooting deaths across the US, one issue seemed to present itself, continuously.

“Those police shootings seemed to stem from miscommunication and misunderstanding and I wanted us to come in agreement together and kind of bond together,” says Kinney.

Throughout the event Thursday night, officers mixed and mingled with students in an effort to bond. Kinney explains why she finds it necessary, to promote perfecting, police community relations in Lee County.

“I felt like in Auburn we needed to come together and make sure that we can prevent that sort of thing happening in our own community,” says Kinney.

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register explains what officers are trained to do in the event of a heated situation.

“We do police ourselves as well we look at every use of force and determine whether that force is appropriate or not and deal with that,” says Paul Register.

Register also says he understands the public’s concern about those cops who may not have the public’s best interest at heart. He adds, there’s an overall need for police improvement.

“While most of the time everyone does a great job…you certainly have those situations where we can be better,” says Register.

Organizers say they’re hoping more of the community will get involved next year. They say, the plan is to keep the “Together We Can” event around for quite some time.

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